AHRC offers educational programs—competency-based HR education opportunities that support your development of critical competencies and continued advancement of your credibility. 

In your career, credibility is everything. To perform effectively, you need to develop technical HR expertise and leverage it through key behavioral competencies. And to advance in your career—rising through the ranks in your own organization or positioning yourself for new opportunities—your leaders, peers and employees need to recognize and endorse you as a trusted and credible HR practitioner and business partner.

Enroll in a AHRC Educational Program to build your competencies, establish credibility and advance your career.

Why AHRC Educational Programs?

Bold Content: Expertly developed, cutting-edge content that incorporates the latest research, legislation and trends.
Flexible Learning: Deliveries available to fit your budget, time and preferred learning style. 
Innovative Experience: Dynamic education that provides practical takeaways and an expanded peer network.
Expert Instructors: With a diverse bench featuring robust backgrounds spanning all industries, including practical HR and global experience.

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